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We are not an official website of TLC. We are the team of investors, representing the TLC project and helping investors to learn about the TLC project and IBH bank. We assist in registration and advise on all matters related to the project. Write us an email in the chat room.


TLC is a high-yield investment project from Throne Legacy Capital in Hong Kong and IBH Investment Bank in Labuan (offshore zone in Malaysia).


The essence of the project in a few words:

- TLC company (more about TLC) trades at the Forex market using artificial intelligence.

- Bank IBH is a large investment bank (more about IBH) and als a licensed broker, through which the trader trades large lots at the Forex market.

- The peculiarity of the trading strategy (more about risk-free strategy) is the simultaneous opening of deals on two opposite outcomes, which gives a profit at any end of trading.

- Marketing with affiliate program is used for filling PAMM accounts.

- The minimum investment amount is 1500$.

- Income is 10 - 20% per month (more about investor's income).

- Earnings by affiliate program is at least $ 350 per year from one attracted partner + bonuses with unlimited width and depth of the network (more information about affiliate program).


Transactions are performed by professional traders on behalf of clients


The system uses a secure hedging mode that generates stable and long-term profits.


The system is suitable for investors and clients of any social strata and generates income easily and systematically.


The system is easy to use, saves time and brings a stable income


The benefits are being on our team:

TLC team

  • Experienced mentors >

    We are the team of investors from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Europe. We have more than 20 years of investment experience and see in this project:

    • huge capacity of the Forex market for income,
    • high returns on both passive investment and affiliate program
  • Skilled help >

    We provide full support at all stages, step-by-step assistance:

    • from registration to withdrawal,
    • from getting a first partner to building a large network.

    Write us in a chat-bot.

  • VIP Chat >

    All our partners are in a private telegram channel, which provides reliable and timely information about the development of the project.

  • How do we analyze investment projects?

    Our team does not invest in hype projects. Any investment proposal is carefully examined for fraud. Check out the checklist, on which you can distinguish a quality project from a hype.

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Reliable insurance plan

Forex trading with TLC insurance

Main account


Take-Profit 22.0%

Stop Loss 20.0%

Insurance account


Take-Profit 20.0%

Stop Loss 20.0%

  • Each unit costs $1,500, of which $1,000 goes to the main account and 500 to the insurance account.
  • TLC Reserve Fund activates the hedging mechanism by adding 500 additional accounts to the insurance account, thus creating the same trading balances on both accounts.
  • The funds will be allocated to the trading and insurance account of the master account of the smart trading system.
  • The master account will start trading. Trading account chooses a currency pair, goes to buy or sell, sets Take Profit 22.0% and Stop Loss 20.0%.
  • The insurance trading account trades the same currency pair in the opposite direction, take profit and stop loss levels are set at 20.0%.


Risk Control

All operations are performed by professional traders with clear control and risk minimization

TLC strategy


Easy cash deposit and withdrawal


Smart trading system with hedging

There are no restrictions on profit withdrawal.

Trading account and insurance account work in the opposite direction, and trading system with a copy of smart hedging is reliable and safe.


Stable income

In 2019 - 2020, investors easily earn 10% to 20% profit every month.

About TLC

TLC company was founded in 2019. The head office is in Hong Kong. The company's founders are professionals in the financial sector and experts in Forex investment.


TLC's areas of expertise include stocks, Forex, bonds, investment advice, short-term financial investments and asset management.


THRONE LEGACY CAPITAL (TLC) is committed to providing users with a stable and secure trading platform, competitive spreads, convenient deposit and withdrawal experience, and a professional customer service team providing them with the most accurate market quotes and responding to their interests.


Official website of the company is  About TLC



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Partnership Program


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